The time it takes to make a decision increases as the number of alternatives increases – Hick’s law
We help you make decisions based on our experience so that you choose the right design in shortest amount of time.

Our Process

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1. Client Meeting & Research

Creating a website without a plan is like construction of a house without a blueprint. In the first phase of website development, we have a meeting with you, in this meeting, we find out some basic things like:

Once the meeting is over and we have an idea of the final product, we do some rigorous research to find out what sort of website would best serve the purpose to your needs. The primary agenda of our research revolves around following key items:

2. Website Design

Giving you a design that you are going to like is the focal point of our design process. In this process, our designer will give you a mockup that you can then review and request changes. In some cases, clients don’t have an idea of what they would like to have in their website. In such a case, we advise you forward us your favorite websites and we can adopt some of the features like navigation, sidebar from those websites to come closer to your idea of ‘perfect’ design. Here’s an anatomy of our website design phase:

2.1 Primary layout – Stretched or boxed

Stretched Layout

Stretched Layout

boxed layout

Boxed Layout

2.2 Logo

logo designYour logo is an essential component of your brand identity. It is important for it to reflect the personality of your business. We lay emphasis on creating a simplistic but powerful logo.

2.3 Navigation Menu

Navigation menu designNavigation menu makes the access to your content easier. It is a global component and plays a vital role in specifying the hierarchy of your site to users.

2.4 Sidebar (for inner pages)

sidebar designSidebar is a good spot to place small items that require a Call to action. For example a subscription form.

2.4 Footer

footerFooter section usually comprises of links that you can not put anywhere else but you can always put an element of surprise at the bottom of your site to make your website interesting.

2.5 Call to Actions

call to actionsDepending on your business needs and our analysis in first phase, we implement call to actions in this phase. Call to actions are an essential element of a modern website. We optimise call to actions to maximise the conversion ratio.

2.6 Breadcrumbs design, default html elements’ styling and more..

Now that main visual components of the website have been worked upon, we work on the styling of html elements to make sure you can edit the content on your own in future without design looking broken. This involves the styling of elements in a checklist by our designer. The design files are then forwarded to our developer who creates a CMS theme (wordpress) to match the design.

3. Website Development

Once the design has been finalised, our next step is to slice the design and create a pixel perfect theme for your website. We teach you how to migrate the content from your old website (if it is a non-wordpress website). Your website is tested to work flawlessly in all major browsers & devices. We usually get a lot of enhancement requests in this stage as you have got more of an idea (in terms of look and feel) of your website.

4. Delivery (and maintenance)

Finally, the website is launched. We train you to make any sort of edit to any part of the website. Launching can have different meanings in different circumstances. For example, if we just re-designed your site and didn’t change structure of your content, it might simply be a change of theme. In other case, if it’s a new website, it might be a start of your next stage(s) – Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

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